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We are PROF GENE SDN BHD, a company incorporated in Malaysia under the registration number 1242924-D and our business address is No. 2, Jalan Kristal Dua 7/67B  Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.. Tel No: 016-2603062

Domiha is operated by Prof Gene Sdn Bhd.

Prof Gene’s mission is to let everyone embraces a healthier and wonderful life effortlessly.

We bring the most reliable yet affordable genetic testing technology and its relevant services to the people who value and love their life. We are dedicated to provide a more comprehensive healthcare management services in the near future.

With “Predictive”, “Preventive” and “Personalised” as our core beliefs, we are leading you toward better health and higher quality of life.

In 2017, Prof Gene was established in Malaysia by Mr Lee Xue Rong, who comes from a family of traditional Chinese medicine.  Prof Gene believes that, via precise genetic analysis coupled with effective preventive actions, everyone is able to enjoy a higher quality and wonderful life which is disease-free, healthy and having greater longevity.

Via our strategic collaborations with the CAP-accredited & NGSP Level 1 certified genetics laboratory at Shanghai as well as a long-standing genetic hospital from Hainan Island, of which is having a cohesive team of international experts, Prof Gene is devoted to provide you the world leading medical technology, healthcare management and consultation services.

In addition, we understand the importance of inborn talent genes in developing a greater education for our next generation. Nowadays, modern parents are using scientific methods to discover their children’s inherent advantageous genes, as it is not only helping them to nurture children based on talents but it also enables children to be surrounded by love and happiness, coupled with professional and proper education guidance, to grow up happily and embark on brighter future.


Our mission

  • To become a comprehensive and accessible healthcare provider that offers genetic testing, professional consultation and healthcare management for everyone.
  • Via Talent Genetic Test, we assist you to discover your children’s talents. Thus, enable you to nurture them according to their strengths and provide the most suitable education guidance to your children.


Our Vision

Prof Gene strives to assist everyone to discover their health risks and take necessary preventive measures to enjoy their lives as well as to nurture brilliant children, to achieve a happy and healthy life.


Our Core Value

  • Caring:

Your overall wellness is our top priority.We are dedicated to create a healthier and happier society. We also determine to maintain respectful and cordial relationships with our employees, customers and business partners.

  • Team spirit:

At Prof Gene, we work as a team. We are inclusive and supportive for each other to accomplish results and to be the best healthcare management services provider in the country.

  • Win-Win Relationship:

We ensure every decision made is not only beneficial to the company but it is also valuable to our customers and business partners.

  • Result-oriented:

We focus on finding solutions and attain results. We determine to ensure our goals are perfectly accomplished.

  • Proactive:

We are committed to take initiative, anticipate, prepare and respond to every occurrence and achieve the best outcomes.

  • Positivity:

We strive to maintain a positive and can-do attitude in performing our responsibilities and our interactions with colleagues and customers.

  • Trustworthiness:

We are dependable and take pride in offering reliable and professional services to meet every customer’s requirement and ensure the company’s success.

  • Professionalism:

By integrating the state-of-the-art laboratory, excellent team of experts and strong supports from our international affiliates, we are dedicated to provide the highest quality services to our customers.


Our Motto

Discover your genes for better life.


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